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Choosing to replace your windows is a big decision, no matter what type of property you own. With windows having a huge bearing on the look, insulation and acoustics of a property, choosing the right window and door manufacturer/installer is a must. 

At SBM Glazing, we specialise in both Aluminium and UPVC windows. This all-encompassing nature allows us to accommodate all types of customers with all types of window requirements. What’s more, we create windows in a variety of styles, designs and colours, giving you complete autonomy over what the finished product looks like.

A rainbow of colours…

When choosing your new windows, we understand that selecting a colour can be a hard decision. This is because the colour of a window has a great influence on the aesthetics of a property. When choosing SBM Glazing to design and create your windows, you can opt for any colour you like, literally! This is because we use RAL colour technology. So, whether you like the idea of anthracite grey sash windows, gleaming white casement windows or wish to go rogue and opt for something bold like pink, we can make your requests a reality.

What we do

Window Options

Our most popular window products include the following:

Quotes for UPVC and Aluminium windows

To request a quote for new windows, contact us today. If you do have a budget in mind, please do communicate it with us. We will go above and beyond to create windows that you love that also sit within budget.

What we do


Doors play a hugely important function in homes and commercial environments. From heightening security to insulation and ease of access, a property can only be great if the doors are. 

At SBM Glazing, we create and supply a wide range of UPVC and Aluminium doors for a wide range of purposes. From single doors for family homes to bespoke doors for commercial properties, the list of doors we can supply is endless. 

UPVC and Aluminium door options

When using SBM Glazing for your doors, you can choose from a variety of options that come under the below door categories: 


Utilise our planning service 

If you are a little confused and overwhelmed about the different door options available, it is completely understandable. This is why we offer a planning service to all of our customers. By learning about your property, the style of door you like and the purpose of the door/doors, we can advise and design accordingly. From talking you through styles to showing you some colour samples, we will go above and beyond to provide a service that you are more than happy with.

Request a quote for door design and installation

To talk to a member of our sales team, get in touch at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!