French and Sliding Doors

Trendy French and Sliding Doors

Trendy French and Sliding Doors

At SBM Glazing, we are highly in demand for French doors and sliding doors. Due to their imposing and aesthetically powerful nature, ensuring such doors are designed and installed to perfection is a necessity. 

Looking to have French doors into the garden? Or perhaps you like the idea of sliding doors into your home office. Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality, designing stunning doors that fit perfectly. 

As well as designing your doors, we also offer an unmatched installation service, ensuring your doors are secure and watertight whilst enhancing the insulation of your property.

French doors have a very high-end, upmarket feel to them. Heightening the design of any room, French doors are often used in homes, specifically in rooms that lead to the garden. It is also common for people to have French doors in large rooms that they wish to compartmentalize. At SBM Glazing, we boast the ability to both design and fit UPVC and Aluminum doors. This is why we are commonly used by both commercial and residential customers looking for high-quality French doors.

Sliding doors are ideal for those looking to utilize every inch of space in a room. Due to the sliding aspect, they do not take up as much room as a conventional swing door alternative.

Want to talk to window and door specialists about our design and installation process? If so, feel free to get in touch via telephone or email at your earliest convenience. We will be sure to answer any queries you have promptly.