Bifold Doors

Trendy Bifolds for Trendy Home

Trendy Bifolds for Trendy Home

Bifolds, or bifolding doors, are becoming increasingly popular. While modern in style, we are seeing all types of customers invest in bifolds for their homes. Renowned for bringing in light and making areas feel more roomie, it is understandable why so many choose this style of door.

The majority of bifolding doors we create and install are used in rooms that lead to gardens, with bifolds successful in bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors. Creating a window into the garden, bifolding doors can be great for those that wish to enjoy their outdoor spaces from the comfort of the warm inside.

When using SBM Glazing for your bifolds, you can choose from an eclectic range of sizes and colours. With bifolds having such a visual impact on the rooms in which they sit, getting the design correct is essential. This is something we can help you with. With our bifolds created in-house by our team of fabricators, we can create them in whatever colour you like. Whether you wish to go traditional and opt for white, prefer a sleek black, or have something else in mind, we can assist. Using RAL colour technology, there is no limit to the colour or shade we can create your bifolding doors in.

Installing your bifolds , The installation process may be something you are concerned about, with the upheaval of new windows and doors often putting people off of making such changes. With SBM Glazing, we install bifolds promptly and professionally, respectfully conducting ourselves when in peoples’ homes and businesses. This means we limit mess as much as possible, leaving you with stunning, gleaming bifolds that are well and truly worthy of an Instagram post of two.


If you would like to discuss sourcing bifolds from us, contact us as soon as possible. We look forward to your call!